8 Tips for Dealing With Thai Police

1. Be polite, courteous and act reasonably at all times.
2. Don’t raise your voice, make demands or threaten the police. Wait until they tell you what you’ve done wrong before you state your case.
3. If you’re in the wrong (no helmet or traffic offence), don’t go into lengthy explanations, expect little mercy and be prepared to pay a fine at the police station or “on the spot” (you will not get a receipt), if you get my drift.
4. If you’re in dispute with a Thai local, it’s likely the police will side with the local, even if you’re not at fault. Just accept this as the law of the land.
5. Don’t smile or talk to a police officer unless he talks to you first.
6. Don’t be a dumb farang (foreigner) and draw attention to yourself by being drunk or loud, causing a scene.
7. Don’t make a false statement to the police, even for an insurance claim. It’s illegal, and they will arrest you if found out.
8. Always obey the traffic laws even when the locals don’t, as the police will target you first.

Drive Safe Drive Smart

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