Discover safe and reliable car rental in Pattaya

Expat Car Rental offers peace of mind and hassle-free car rental. For car rental Pattaya and Jomtien, you can’t go wrong with our new cars, English speaking staff, full first-class rental insurance and that we’ve been here in the exact location for over 20 years.

When your car rental contract includes unlimited mileage, you can drive anywhere you want, as far as you like, without incurring extra mileage surcharges.

An unlimited mileage car rental is the ideal choice for a vacation, a weekend away, or any occasion you desire complete freedom with your mobility.

Extend that peace of mind with child car seats. At Expat Car Rent, we know there are no exceptions when considering your child’s safety; therefore, we provide the best child car seats available.

Come and see us at Expat Car Rent Pattaya, where our friendly, experienced staff will match you to the best rental car option to suit your budget and your needs.

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