Pattaya Car Rental 2020

Check The Insurance – When renting a Pattaya car rental it is important to check that the vehicle has First Class RENTAL Insurance. It is illegal in Thailand to rent a vehicle without this and should you be involved in an accident it is unlikely that you will be covered. This is likely to leave you with a costly bill both to the third party and also to the rental company. With Expat Car Rent all our vehicles come with First Class Insurance Cover and 24 hour roadside recovery giving you complete peace of mind for the whole rental period.

Check the mileage – When your car rental contract includes unlimited mileage, you can drive anywhere you want, as far as you like, without incurring extra mileage surcharges.An unlimited mileage car rental is the ideal choice for a vacation, a weekend away or any occasion when you desire complete freedom with your mobility. Typically only long term rentals or older/economy cars come with unlimited mileage. Expat Car Rent offers unlimited kilometers on all our models giving you complete flexibility.

Modern vehicles with updated technology – Renting a vehicle in an unfamiliar city or country can be challenging enough. Expat Car Rent endeavours to make your experience as hassle free as possible by being the first rental company to offer Sat Navs at any rental level. Navigate your way along unknown roads without relying on phone internet service or maps.Car Hire with a Sat Nav makes driving effortless and allows you to concentrate on driving, not missing meeting places or attractions