8 Tips for Dealing With Thai Police

1. Be polite, courteous and act reasonably at all times.
2. Don’t raise your voice, make demands or threaten the police. Wait until they tell you what you’ve done wrong before you state your case.
3. If you’re in the wrong (no helmet or traffic offence), don’t go into lengthy explanations, expect little mercy and be prepared to pay a fine at the police station or “on-the-spot” (you will not get a receipt), if you get my drift.
4. If you’re in a dispute with a Thai local, it’s likely the police will side with the local, even if you’re not at fault. Just accept this as law of the land.
5. Don’t smile or talk to a police officer unless he talks to you first.
6. Don’t be a dumb farang (foreigner) and draw attention to yourself by being drunk or loud causing a scene.
7. Don’t make a false statement to police, even for an insurance claim. It’s illegal and they will arrest you if found out.
8. Always obey the traffic laws even when the locals don’t as the police will target you first.

Drive Safe Drive Smart 2019

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The New Nissan Note Review

The NISSAN NOTE takes life to the next level with a whole new look & just about everything you want right inside. As practical as it is versatile, the NOTE has seating for five adults and has incredible storage space. The Note is fun to drive & its steering feels natural, consistently weighted and precise. It’s also light enough around town to allow for easy maneuvering. This isn’t a car for B-road blasts. Its tall body leans in corners but grips well. On the motorway, it is a little bouncy and prone to side-winds, but it feels stable for what is quite a small car.

The Note offers exceptional fuel efficiency and is eco-friendly that allows you to travel farther with fewer pit stops along the way. The Start/Stop ignition system reduces pollution and fuel consumption in city traffic. The engine automatically turns off when at a standstill to save on fuel and emissions, then restarts as you prepare to move away.

The Note also comes with next level tech, 4 cameras give you a virtual 360 bird’s-eye view of the vehicle, with selectable split-screen close-ups of the front, rear, and curbside views, so you can get a better look, making parking easy. Forward collision warning will detects potential obstacles and assists drivers in avoiding collisions with vehicles and pedestrians, as well as reducing damage caused by collisions. Lane departure warning detects lane markers, when the driver start to drift out of the lane, it sounds an audible warning lightly applies the brakes to help ease the car back between the lines.

Keyless Entry with push button start for convenience. Just tap a button on the door handle or trunk of to unlock the doors, while your Intelligent Key stays in your pocket. Eliminate cord clutter and stream your music wirelessly with any Bluetooth compatible audio device. Let your passengers play DJ, and take control of the tunes from any seat in the car.

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