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Pattaya Rent Car

Pattaya rent car :
Pattaya has no rail network, no high-speed intercity links and no local subway trains linking its popular destinations. You can easily use baht buses to get around during your journey but these are usually hot and you do have to know a bit of local knowledge to make them understand where you want to get to.

But since Pattaya has expanded there are many places tourists don’t reach. For those who want to explore more of Pattaya’s remote areas, renting a car can give your itinerary greater range and flexibility. If you want to go to a hidden onsen hot spring, kid’s play resort or a remote beach, for instance, a Pattaya rent car can be the perfect solution.

Substandard car rental agencies are found nearly everywhere, cars may seem reasonably priced only to be older unsafe models. Make sure you choose wisely.

Expat Car Rent has been renting cars to expats for 22 years. Our latest model cars have full insurance, roadside recovery, child seats and come equipped with navigation systems that make getting around a breeze.

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