New Suzuki Swift 2018 Review

My Suzuki Swift review:

The Swift fulfills a function whereby it provides a  more chic and compact supermini than its competitors.  You get some classic Swift design features, like the wraparound windscreen and the sloping roof, plus distinctive C-pillar treatment that now has a ‘floating roof’ effect. Even the light clusters front and rear aren’t that much different to the old car and a new front grille which might not appeal to everyone but I like it.

With the Swift weighing as little as 890kg it feels lively and alert, well-managed body roll and a real eagerness to flick-flack through direction changes. That speaks of a purposefulness that’s at odds with the Swift’s cutesy face.  The ride is comfortable and there’s little to report in terms of wind, engine or tire noise when you’re on a steady highway cruise. I wouldn’t say it’s an absolute firecracker to drive but reminds me of that joyful go-kart feeling of old Mini’s. It’s a really appealing supermini, the Swift is a little corker that’s up there with the best in class.

It’s not exactly breathtaking inside, but it is all well laid-out and intuitive, and there’s plenty of space on board for four adults, although five might be pushing it, the back seats aren’t quite as roomy but they’re still better than most of its rivals’. The equipment levels in the Swift are generous for a budget supermini.  Even the base model has air conditioning, six airbags & DAB radio as standard.

You don’t have to work this Japanese hatchback hard to get it to build up a good head of steam and, once the corners start coming thick and fast, it’ll hang onto its pace as much of as possible, thanks to a limber chassis with an excellent set-up. This is a fantastic little car from a company that’s fast becoming known for such things. This is my go to car when I need to nip around Pattaya & the Darkside for the corners.  If you need to rent a fun small car I would highly recommend it for the fun factor. Why not come down to Expat Car Rent and give one a try, it may surprise you.

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